The owners are very friendly and are amazing to say the least. Every time I go, I find new merch and items for my bias and group. They have everything for every group. All of their items are neatly organized and it is easy to find everything. I always walk out of the store with more stuff than I intended to buy. It's amazing!!!!!
More items then you can possibly imagine. Taking gifts back to my daughter who absolutely loves KPOP. The staff was extremely nice and helped this poor dad find things his kid was looking for.
My best friend and I flew in from Alabama and found what is easily the best Kpop store in Nevada. Highly recommend going to see them! Friendly staff and TONS of albums and other merch! Give them a visit!!
Super awesome store. Was passing through and couldn't miss the opportunity to stop at a kpop store. I'm so glad I did. Can't wait to go back. Affordable prices, well organized, amazing staff. Thanks Mike!
I love love love this place!! Great diversity in products and amazing quality! I will always be coming here rather than ordering from online. Employees are so sweet as well! Kpop fan heaven, I wish I could stay here all the time. Also has better prices than any other place or online store!!
I LOVE this store! Both times I’ve gone the workers have been exceptionally nice and so pleasant to talk to! I’m glad they expanded and now have so many albums to choose from, especially at such good prices! I’d much rather come here than order from anywhere else. I also love the other merch they carry. Overall they completely deserve their 5 star rating. Nothing about this place could dock it down and I highly recommend coming here.
Very kind owners and a great selection of items from multiple kpop groups. Very excited about the BTS/BT21 selection. Picked up a chimmy tumbler I have yet to see anywhere else so far.
This is amazing!!!! I was wondering if you sell the itzy icy album?
Very nice store, has basically everything you'd want and also a very clean enviroment. Would recommend to any Kpop fan.
AMAZINGGGGGG they got literally everything!!! I will so come back again!!
Absolutely amazing! There was so much merchandise around, I was blown away! Literally anything you could ever want or imagine! The employees were also extremely kind and considerate! I am a very slow and indecisive shopper, but they were extremely patient with me and did offer to help! They also, very sweetly, allowed me to choose a poster for free! And also gave me some tips on some of the merchandise I got! I will be coming back for sure, again and again!
We love this place
Every thing was fantastic, prices, customer service, quality of items. Lots to choose from. Music videos you can watch. Wide range of groups/fandoms. Had a little bit of everything. Awesome in general. Would definitely go there again
SO MANY ARTISTS!!! From BTS to Red Velvet to DAY6, it made me so happy seeing so many artists and albums and merch! And everything was so neat and tidy, sometimes you go to stores like this and everything is a mess, that was not the case. And I got freebie stickers with my purchase!! I will definitely be back :)
It is a wonderful store. I had fun, buy the albums that I was missing.
Very nice store!
This is such a great kpop store they play bops while you shop for all your latest kpop goods staff are very friendly and helpful I’m from the OC and I’m definitely coming back !! :)
Great store with an overwhelming amount of goodies to fill all your KPOP needs. Well laid out and stocked in a tidy and efficient manner. I'll be back!
This place is a great place to find all different types of K-Pop merch, albums and the atmosphere of his is fantastic. He is extremely friendly and nice.
Very well organized! The employees were very nice and interactive. The store had great products and (obviously) great music playing. I loved it and I can’t wait to come back!
Very warm and friendly owner. Would come back if I had the chance.